Friday, March 13, 2009




Im will always remember that date.

honestly,i felt really sad and down right not sure why i felt like surely have a good result eventhough i didnt expect it to be this good.But still,theres something bothering me right now.

How is it possible for my other friends who got excellent result in their exams before this ,only manage to get something that is rather average compared to their past exam result.

I know this might sound a little bit OVER especially from me whom got good result in SPM.

Anyway,yesterday(12 march 09) is one of the happiest and saddess(??) day of this happy of my result but at the same time felt sad that i cant share this wonderful day with my friends eventhough we all play (with my friends) ROCKBAND just after having our lunch.

Those time is seriously a stress killer for everyone!I myself felt very relaxed and enjoyed eventhough it is my first time playing ROCKBAND at d19ital Mall...


And yeah,the day before we took our result me and my friends had some BBQ and 'solat hajat' at Hazim's.The meal was nice ,especially the drinks(looks whos doing it ;p)

We had fun that night,and i slept very late that night.

When i woke up the next morning(yesterday) i seriously felt like having a fever.OMG.and i still having it right now lol...

And yeah,for those who doesnt know my result,i got 6A1 and 4A2.alhamdullilah.

Got A2 for add math,bio,physics and EST..


Dammit,why the hell im feeling sad right now.
maybe coz she is sad? lol.....ssshhhh


I never expected this time will come when people around me started to move on with theirs life.all they are talking is what UNI/College will they attend,what course you gonna take.i mean WTF?!!!

This suppose to be the time we spent with our friends because probably we wont see them again after this..

i guess this fever is making me such an

better stop now.

until then~

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