Thursday, June 10, 2010

Google Pacman game threat to Old women?

You guys who have been using Google as your homepage must have seen at least once, the Google Pacman Anniversary game banner. For most of us, it shows varient as all of us would be very much bored with the lame boring GOOGLE logo.

Once in a while when there is a special occasion, Google will throw out a new banner, just like the Pacman.

What with the topic huh? Well, the story is that there is this Old gradma which happen to be very much threathen by the game of pacman on her Google webpage. Wanted to hear the full converstion. Check out the video below.

p/s: i had this weird hobby of saving google webpage banner whenever there is a special ocassion. Now i got 37 :)


  1. never thought of making the banners as a personal collection.. damn creative lah u.. haha..

    btw, i was hardly chosen by google for those special banners.. wondering why.. -.-