Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Water Moments

Being a blogger and also a part time photographer, having atleast a single digital camera is indeed a compulsory item in everyday life.

I already had a DSLR so all of my activites can be captured using the DSLR EXCEPT, yes there is an exception. My DSLR, in fact all DSLR are very much scared of water, just like fire and water. They don't mix. So getting a decent photo with a DSLR for any event which involve water is very much a disappointment. See this photo of mine taken with my DSLR,

notice something wrong? It was taken above the water, not in the water! The photo could be 1000x times more NICER and CREATIVE if my camera can just dive in and take the picture but only if my DSLR have the water resistance capabilities. Just like the Sony TX5!

Take a Picture!, anywhere, anytime!

With a sturdy body that are very much resistance to almost all kind of weather with it's built in Shock, Dust, Temperature and also Water resistance it's could be a great walk around camera every blogger should have! With it's 3' LCD screen, the image taken can be view with the best quality on par with the top notch DSLR in the market!

You see a photoshop image, I see a camera with possibilities.

Still not confident about the great resistance to everything, the camera is the World Slimmest Water Proof camera. You get that right. World Slimmest camera. Just like a camera version of Megan Fox. All you DSLR user would definitely be jealous of it's compact size which make's it easy to be carried anywhere and it can even be under the water!

I'm in a midst of planning a vacation to Pulau Pangkor with my dearest friends soon and i have some difficulties finding a water-proof casing for my DSLR, but why i should do that when i can just get the Sony TX5 itself!! It's slim design, it's body proof to almost all kind of things, it nice looking body, the 3' LCD screen, man i just wish i win this competition though :)