Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 day 2 night

I know the title sounds familiar. Today I'll be your host for episode 1: Jalan-jalan balik UTP. Actually I wanted to write everything about my trip from Kl to UTP then back to Kl again but since KJD have already written a lovely post about it(read here) I decided to do a little comic for a much better entertainment for all. Enjoy :)

Because the next scene was so censored and the writer happen to become lazy, the comic have to end on the second day. Well, the last day was the best day for me though. I have a 12 hour, probably more sleep than I ever had. The previous night I even have late night supper with fellow foreigner. Nice.

Anyway the journey comes to an end soon and the last thing we know we arrived at KL Central then we have our meal, FINALLY! Then followed by the last post about the damn KTM train. Oh well. I better get going. See ya!

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  1. haahhahhaaa... i wonder how the pakcik with the L license doin now... thank god it was only from teluk intan - manjung.. wonder how it'll be if we combine (uncle lesen L + salah naik bas + air cond rosak)? Nice...