Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4th generation

Like it or not the beloved Apple iPhone has been in her 4th generation already. Happy 4th anniversary.

With the announcing of iPhone4 and soon the launching of iphone4 this 26th June, there expected to be more of iPhone-mania to be occuring all over the globe. Apple way to world domination is expected to be a smooth sail with this new product. You might be wondering how does the iPhone looks like, here some great picture of it.

*new iphone 4*

Yo might notice the 4th generation of iPhone is slightly more thick compare to it predecessor which is the iPhone 3G and also the graphic upgrade of 3Gs. Of course, they will be more added function to it, more iPhone-apps and not to forgot, more chinese brand duplicate of the iPhone 4th generation. Probably with even better name as iPhone 4GXS or something more X-factor i don't know.

I wanted to do a review on the iPhone 4 itself but i don't think i'll be able to get it on hand atleast not for another millenia perhaps. So i just let google search be your helper in getting the iPhone 4 review.

Anyway, iPhone never been a major turn on for me these past years but given the new looks and functionality, i might be a little interest in this little apple smartphone. Other than that, i do need a new phone. hehehehee. Can I, Dad?

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