Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kick off the World Cup with new shoes :)

11 June might be a normal date for most people but for football lovers, it's a sign. A celebration of the first kick off that shows the beginning of the most anticipated games of the year, the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010.

The kick off will be a match between the host itself, South Africa and the country of Nacho, Mexico. I'm not such a fan of the two country but my early prediction, South Africa will win. Just a hunch.

Anyway, back to the topic. Kicking off would require some shoes right? So it happen that my white casual shoes have been how do they put it, dying. The sole are getting thinner, and the sponge/ cotton/ cushion thing has gone out of comfortable level. It's still wearable though but since it has been quite a time since i had a new white casual shoes, im thinking of getting myself a new one. Sure you might be thinking, how much money that this guy had? He just used Rm1300 last week. (refer here) Well actually i don't really think i'll get the new shoes by the time of kick off, but probably after the next month allowance come in.

and one more thing, no more Onitsuka for me. It's EVERYWHERE i tell you. In the train, mall, streets, almost everywhere there is a onitsuka tiger worn be a person. I might wanted it badly a while ago but now? Nah, i got some new interest in. Say hello to Puma :D

I just happen to be in love with it's trainer and casual shoes a while ago, when i see them in one of the Japanese TV-series. Not sure what the title are but it does makes me so damn want these shoes :> Sadly i can't seems to find a local website such as Al-Ikhsan that have humongous stock list of Puma shoes. I probably have to go down to the shop itself. But cheer up here some picture of nice shoes by Puma that if i happen to encounter and selling at a good price, i might bought it straight away :)

i love this one best. And the toppest one too.

Oh now i really need some money. I heard that there are some vacancy at the Manhattan Fish Market Sunway. Maybe i should be working? hmmmm. Maybe after getting my motorcycle license first.

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