Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's with city students and private College/Universities?

It struck me to see almost all of the student that live in the big city, well i can say most of my friends here, they are more encouraged to get into private universities and colleges. Sure I get it, they have a lot of money, sorry their parents have a lot of money but focusing on just getting into a private higher learning school is sometimes not a very good idea.

I think by just planning to get into private institute in the first place makes them all less aware that they have to score the exam, which is SPM of course. What I meant to say is that, they know that they have secure the place in the private college. All they need now is money and also money. I don't know whether this is the truth or not but I very much think it does affect them in some way. Scolding by the parents help but as we all known well, it only works for some short period of time.

Let's just compare it to the students from other rural places. They ain't got that much of money. They have only one car and it's only a Kancil. Or a Saga maybe. Their future studies are not secure. So they don't have anything other than hardwork to ensure a better future.

Another case is the environment. I think most of the student, sorry to say this, The chinese have difficulties of going to places other than the big city. I know this is not a very correct statement, but as far as these eye can see, I pretty much have seen almost ALL of my chinese friends went to further their studies in Private institution. I think some of them cannot bear the fact they can't see movie every weekends or even go to club to party after exam is over.

You might say that the non-bumi are having hard time to enter public universities. Yes. Most of them do. I acknowledge that fact but still, opportunities are everywhere nowadays. Not only they offer locally but also internationally. Even for the great University such as UTP(hehe. promote sikit :P), UNITEN, MMU there are a lot of opportunities but as far as I know, most of the non-bumi comes from places other than the big big city.

All said I think the Government are the one who to be blame. Don't get me wrong here, they are very proud of so called "1 Malaysia" everything but they can't make the quota of bumi and non-bumi in the local university very much equalize? Does not make sense. If you wanted to see more interaction between races why don't you make more race available in a such institute?

Well that is all my opinion. I would love to hear from you guys regarding this matter. Anyhow, meet you again in the next post. Until then :)


  1. Melayu malas

    harapkan kuota jer utk masuk U

    no kuota..

    terhegeh2 lah keje part time sana sini

  2. itu pon satu point jugak. ramai yg berpuas hati dengan hanya dapat masuk uitm. Uitm tu education level takdela tinggi sangat.

    tapi klu dah takde option lain nak buat mcm mana kn?

  3. Oh la la..
    If the quota is equalized,
    lagi ramailah orang melayu tak dapat sambung belajar kat uni..

    Ish Ish Ish..

    Tapi kan sebenarnya,
    memang chinese prefer private collages/uni's
    sebab lagi dekat dengan rumah
    (ataupun tak la terletak kat ceruk pedalamn
    macam most local uni)

  4. well, kita nak tengok lebih kepada qulity not quantity. kalau ramai2 sekali pon tapi perangai ntah apa2, result pon tak kemana macam mana nak lihat Malaysia maju?

    Baru la orang melayu sedar sikit yg diorang kena usaha mcm orang bukan bumi sekarang untuk msuk local uni.

  5. 100 % agreeing on this,if not for other quota's,why not just balance the quotas for the universities entries,live by reaping what is sow'd.great entry :)