Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get ready for a competition

Calling all photographer, beginner, amateur, semi-pro, and professional you are all invited to enter the claimed biggest Photography competition of the world. If models, have Miss Universe, the photographer have Photographer Universe. That might sound a little off really. It's the Photography of the Year 2010 competition by my favorite photography magazine, Digital Camera.

image courtesy of Poty2010

There are 11 categories including the new categories which is the Britain inspired. Other than that they have the normal portraits, landscape, wildlife, travel and also fashion. Click HERE for the website for more details. Oh and all you need to do is register online for free. That's all.

The grand price is a hefty 10 thousand pound or quid i don't know really for sure but if that were to turn to Malaysian ringgit. I'm a millionaire baby. Hahahah. That's a lie, but it sure does make someone super happy.

Anyway, i do intend to enter the competition despite knowing that i'll be competing with thousands or maybe more pro-level Photographers which definitely have much better gear than I do and might have more experience in this big big events. For me, it's just throwing the dart at the bulls eye just like in the Funfair. Putting my luck as the coin. hehe

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