Saturday, June 26, 2010

The result is finally official

While I suppose that today will be my happy day since, the lunar eclipse will show it face later in the evening but out of nowhere just after I wrote the previous post, my clique informed me that the result will be out on 26th. Which is TODAY!

If you just about to ask whether I got dean list like I dreaming to, STOP! I failed to achieve the target. Nevermind of that. But for me the result was quite okay considering (if I were to compare my result to others) that most of the people got nearly the same as mine. So i pretty much in the average group. teheeeeeeee.

Oh and my pointer? Okay fine. Because you were so dedicated on reading this blog I'll tell you.

wait for it

be patient

GPA : 3.17
CGPA : 3.37

There you go. Congratulations to all those that succeed in achieving their target and for those who does not, there is still more opportunities around. You just have to be strong and pray to the Almighty for your success. And for the rest that make it to Undergraduate, GOOD LUCK AND SEE YOU NEXT SEMESTER :)

p/s: YAY! I've passed the 3 pointer target to get myself a new laptop. wuuuuuu :D
p/s: Holiday round 2 begins :)


  1. heyy

    u did great! congrats,,

    =D happy 4 u kayy

  2. tenks. it was plausible but nak buat mcm mana. that is the result of my hard work :)