Friday, June 4, 2010


Do you know what the coolest "things" in Japan now? NO, not harajuku girls, not even the bloody bear claws, or the crocs-phenomena, You might not be aware of it but the latest pop-culture in japan now is,

jeng jeng jeng

Big Scooter with awesomely equipped fiber glass and hydraulics.

Scooters, Big, pimped up scooter with bad-ass looking and system? Never imaged that before. This could be much more cooler than a NSX transformed into a japanese version of bumblebee. Maybe not. Maybe this could be the next rising pop-culture of japan?

pimp up bicycle. That would be really bad-ass.

p/s: Now i dont want bad-ass motorcycle anymore, Dad can i have these? hehehe


  1. wo0oww.weeee~
    bapak arhh..co0l gile :D

  2. mesti ko rasa motor ko mcm mainan je kn sekarang ni? hahaha

  3. xlah..xterlintas pon mcm tu...
    knpe?adakah kau mmg nk hina moto ak sbnrnye..

  4. hahaha. eh, takdela. aku x de la sejahat tu dow.

  5. camne la mamat motor pink tu nak wat lap kat corner.haha.moto2 cam leh jln straight je.hehe