Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The most expensive toys in human History?

No no no. Toy story isn't really a toy. It's a movie. But you know what is the most expensive toys among all the toys in the kingdom? Guess it.


For a Car lover, i guess you guys must known well this very model. Yes. The Bugatti Veyron. One of the most fastest, nice looking and also expensive sports car. And the image above is a Bugatti Veyron toy, made up of pure gold and some diamond.

You want to know the funny thing about this toy. Ok before that let me tell you the actual price of the real car.

Real Bugatti : $1.7 million USD

How much do you think this toys could have priced? 50 thousand? 1 million. Nahh. Wrong answer. It would probably shock you much like I do because the price tag on the Bugatti Veyron toys is

toy Bugatti : $20 USD

right. I must be kiddding. hahaha. the actual price is

toy Bugatti : $2.93 million USD


whoever bought this toy must be hallucinating it for the real bugatti veyron or something.


  1. so nice...i like it...thanks for sharing^^

    nanged and clicked on your ads...do hit me back^^

  2. Omg,that's really expensive..

  3. Might as well buy the real Bugatti. lol :D

  4. jfook: some people sure does a never ending money to buy these stuff :/

    vivian: welcome :)

    lindy: yeah. your right. or maybe just buy a decent saloon car and kept rest of the money. hmmm.

  5. wahhhh! what is the scale of the toy?

  6. LOL got to brin tat toy wherever he goes

  7. zzanyy: 1/18 if i'm not mistaken

    probably needed a anti-everything proof case to store that toys. hahaha

  8. gile babi ah mahal..tu pn ko nk beli gak ke?haha

  9. tak la. ko ar blikan. bek aku bli bnda2 len yg lgi mnfaat