Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 weeks and counting.

Its has been exactly 3 week and 8 days since we had our semester break. Rm1400 maybe less have been used up. An approximately 0.1kg of weight gain. Many hours of time-wasting activities.
Nevertheless, i think this is the most best used holiday i have ever through.

I change from becoming this

to this. WOW.

And my life have been boring i know, most of you guys do to, but it was very much interesting. I begin sleeping early, wake early, then sleep again, later at the evening had my daily jogging around the small stadium near my resident and at night i would get in touch with fellow batchmate and also coursmate. Sure some of you guys might find it's kinda boring but to me, it was indeed relaxing. The jogging made me more alive, more physically and mentally fit and also i got the chance to meet people.

And later i'm going to try and get my motorcycle license and that would make up some time in my abundantly free time. Once I had my license and hopefully, I had my own bike(oh i'm really want one) i'll do more traveling around my neighborhoods, looking for a nice place to get some photos.

I'm thinking about working too but i'm not sure that I can make it, a one month job that is since i'll probably be off to Port Dickson at early July for my Soaring the Eagle programme. I wonder how fast will the time flies? hmmm.

p/s: i got my eye on you, Fz150i :)
p/s: Movie marathon tomorrow have to cancel. Oh well, movie marathon in my room then.

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