Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today after 4 month of no lecture, no assignment and no books, finally today i'm back doing all those regular student stuff.

Class started as early as 9 am but i'm already on my feet by 6.30. and the best part is, i though today class started at 8, because i though today is Wednesday. Silly me. So because of that, i was a little sleepy in Fluid Mechanics II class, but still managed to focus on important parts.

Surprise surprise to see all of them people back. Some have changed, some still the same old. and it's a little odd to see many Chinese present even though they suppose to be in their Chinese New Year holiday still. Even some of the Malay guys still haven't come back. pfft.

And today i did track check for my soon to be jogging routine. Sadly i my phone required internet connection to upload the recorded activity straight to the Website. This time it's about 4.4km of jogging path covering from v5 all the way passing the mosque, one round of the Grand Lake and back again in v5. Just perfect for a daily workout.

From Save the Internet , Save the world

my route from the satellite view.

and so far the semester have been nice to me ;)

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