Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday which about to ends.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As of today, I have less than a month before going back to Universities, continuing my studies as a 2nd year 2nd semester student. We have been having our lengthy 4 month break since last year October and it's about to end real soon.

Im not sure how your holiday goes but i tell you, mine is superb!

The Revival

I use to own a bicycle, a mountain bike, like any other kids during school day. It's the best type of transportation any kids can afford to, and legal! But ever since finishing school, the old bike of mine was sent to the hall of trash where, all the bicycle reside.

But because i'm short of money and i'm going to start working at Petrosains soon, i've decided to revive my old dusty, sticky, broken bicycle.

The broken bicycle, stripping the old paint off.

It was hard work i tell you, stripping the paint off, taking off the part, spraying the body frame, waiting it to dry, spending money of buying stuff. Hard work! But all of that pays off as i have a new bike to get me to my workplace.

Now it doesn't look like this. Some of the paint wear off ;(

This is the transport that helps me to get from Subang Jaya all the way to KLCC Taman Bahagia LRT Station. You can read the travel log post here ;p

Volunteering @ Petrosains

1 and a quarter month i've worked in Petrosains. Frankly, it's the most joyous and easy going job i've ever had. You just have to get to work by 9a.m. and get back at 6p.m. and trust me, the time goes by like nothing if you are in the centre. So many people to entertain, so many activities, you won't even notice it's the end of the day. But my time wasn't long there since Petrosains do have a lot, i mean a LOT of Volunteer, so getting a working day in a week is quite troublesome. Sometimes, I only work once in a week. That ain't a job XD And luckily i've got a chance for something else.

Temp Staff/ Volunteer @ HWLIMA for LIMA'11

At first i'm just an ordinary volunteer until one day Haswan(PIC for volunteer programme) called and after some yada yada moment later, he offer me for a position as a temp staff since they really need some extra manpower. And when i went to the office, hell, they do really need some serious manpower. Imagine, the team that organizing an International event like LIMA only need less than 10 staff. It was crazy i tell you the job. But we managed to pull it off, and this LIMA has proven to be a success, we even gained profit unlike LIMA'07.

From LIMA 2011

With them Staffs.

From LIMA 2011

With them Volunteers

It was a wonderful experience, both bitter and sweet. But what most important is that it thought me how to deal with life, with 'different' kind of people, how to rescue yourself, how to manage, how to work professionally. I can't thank enough to them.


Suprisingly, im at UTP now. Teheee. Despite having still 3 weeks left of holiday, I decided it is time to get back, doing what i suppose to do during the semester break, preparing for 2012 Robocon Competition. ;p And now we are left with tonnes of pending work to do for the competition. But still, you will find me at Langkawi Island again at 17th till 19th January for a vacation with the Robocon member, celebrating our last year victories on getting 2nd runner up in the National competition.

All said, how was YOUR holidays?

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