Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ever since i was a child, i love National Geographic magazine. My dad used to subscribe to the magazine because of the content and i guess, the awesome photograph. At that time we don't have the NatGeo Channel like nowadays, it was all magazine. Luckily enough it is a very child friendly magazine with a lot of awesome photographs of wonderful things that are there, outside. The real world.

And that is all i've heard ever since from National Geographic. Didn't got the chance to read any new write up but i do sometimes watch the Nat Geo Channel each time i get back to my hometown back in Besut, Terengganu. Honestly, i did not really have that much passion on wild life, so Nat Geo is not my favourite channel(p/s: my fav is Discovery, Mythbuster ;p)

So as i was saying, not until recent time i discovered a new programmed made by National Geographic entitle Megafactories. If the title cannot explain it any more clearly, it's about big factories making out stuff, interesting stuff. And most importantly car stuff!

Suprisingly now it's already series 6, or season 6. I missed a lot! Better be prepared UniFi, when i got home i'll make sure i'll make use of all the remaining bandwidth to download all the season. hehe

more info visit here

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