Thursday, January 12, 2012

Draft of the future

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This evening i stumble across a blog of a new friend of mine and he wrote a post regarding what he wanted for the next 30 years or so. 30 years! Everything from wedding, children, houses, cars, works, life, up until pension.


To be honest i'm amazed. Amazed on how well he can plan for his future. It might not be a detailed plan but atleast there is an outline. If you ask me, i did not have any sort of plan like that. I even not plan what my ETP or FYP project will be. Internship? What company and where? The answer is still not there for me. Future is some scare sh*t! like seriously!

So because of him, im touched to write something, something like an outline for my future. So that future me will read this and it will be easier for future me to plan things.

What future holds in me(lame...)

I would like to have my internship in some fancy automobile company. I prefer if it's a labor work, work that get your hands all dirty rather than sit in the office kind of work. As a automotive engineer to be, of course getting into a motorsport company is a dream to high to reach but who knew? I hope i can get an internship in formula 1 despite being nearly impossible and ridiculously difficult, always put some hope and effort on it. But even so, being in a Proton research team or what not is good enough as a start.

My future work must be a mixed of both in the office and out on the field. It will be very difficult finding a job in F1 technician with just a degree, so i'm not hoping much to get into f1 at the moment but, maybe being in a certain racing team, smaller race event maybe? I heard Petronas have some people oversea that help in F1 research, that might be a target? Maybe, but imagine the effort need to get in the research team? If not, having a work in Proton is good enough but make sure enough $ laa. hehe

Married before 30. *cross finger*

Maybe pursuing my Master degree oversea if i have the luxury of time and money, and bring my wifey and kids oversea (like my parent did. haha) The talks of whether to continue our studies after degree is always a hot topic for us. Some had enough of studying, some just can't get enough of it. Maybe i do. Maybe i don't. Time will tell. But i do hope i can get a Master degree and pursuing my dream of being an f1 engineer.

and if i happen to get my master already, it is time to sign in to some big ass Motorsport company. be an f1 engineer for couple of years, then retire and get into some local Motorsport technical team. Maybe open up a workshop for exotics car in Malaysia, an exclusive workshop for the likes of Porches, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

By that time i should have atleast one sports car, anything will do. Maybe a classic. Yeah. A classic will do just fine. But atleast an Audi TT in a my garage. A sport car, a sedan, maybe an equivalent of Audi A4? and a MPV for the family.

A normal house that would fits my family. Talk about family, i don't really care how many children i've got, the more the merrier right? So the house should be comfortable for the family, i'm not sure where will it be but it should be not in KL, but somewhere close enough. I love KL despite it's traffic and people, but maybe that will change?

When we talk about future, it will always be about money and belongings. Never about our deeds and responsibilities to God. I really hope to be a good Muslim, a better one than i am today, never leaves my prayer, always go to the mosque, be a contributor the the religion, to Islam. And hopefully, my family will be too.

So....what else do i miss?

Hmmm. maybe a batch reunion outing with the guys, spending time at mamak, look up what we have now(then) compared to now(past). Ah. Shared, laughed, spending time like it's the good old days. A must for a Mechy May09 Reunion Bowling tournament. Like seriously.

My imagination of my future ends there. I'm not quite sure what i'll do when i'm retired. That's way too far to imagine. Maybe a world tour? I don't know. I mean this is just a plan, we may plan but Allah is the one that will execute it accordingly. So pray hard and work hard Hanif!

p/s: New semester is approaching. Prepared enough?

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