Saturday, October 31, 2009

Telok Batik=))


Last weekend, me and my buddy went to Telok Batik, around 50km from my beloved university. First on Friday evening, and again in Sunday evening. Haha. Seriously hanif, you have your 1 test the upcoming week and you haven't done any revision. Damn.

Above: Candid.

Above: Controversial photo on Facebook ;)

We went with two car, one fazli's wira and another one is pero's kancil. The journey took about an hour approximately. Arrived there at 5.00 pm, have our Asar prayer and set to have our long awaited vacation to Telok batik. Oh. That was my first time playing 'banana boat', you know where you would have to ride a 'banana'-like shape boat and being thrown away by the crazy maneuver of the driver of the engine-powered boat.


Above: We all have been 'titanic'. Only the cameraman still alive.

Oh yeah! Ajieb was bitten(bitten?) by a crab when playing in the water. Honestly I think he faked it out, but nahh. We have our laugh..until now ;))

Above: Camera fail.

Above: All of us.

Back to banana boat, honestly it freak me out. Not knowing to swim properly, yet alone floating, being thrown away from the boat on the middle of the sea( exaggerating ;p). It was fun, tiring and scary too. Later at night we have our lunch at Manjung, Mcd, then straight away to UTP.
Our friday was fun.

Above: Mcd. mirror freak.


Have my Gamelan class on the noon. Seriously people, why did no one play it on such important event instead of having concert with idiotic singer that does not follow the religion rules???? Stupid.

Ah. That evening AGAIN, I went to Telok Batik. Hahaha. Crazy. This time with room 28 geng and another happy-go-lucky group. Going to Telok batik isn't much fun as my last trip but still, we have our time at the Go-cart at Manjung.

It's actually my second time there and it was fun and tiring. Have some scratch on my back because of the seat that is not fully in-contact with my back during the racing period. Maybe it's because of the drifts I've done on go cart. huhuhu. It was definitely a tiring day, seriously the most tiring day in the week. Luckily the class on the next day is at 10.00 am which mean absolute sleep after the subuh prayer ;)
Oh. sorry guys, there is no photo to share on the second journey, my camera was stolen by the camwhore of room 28 and I don't have any picture of me looking nice. gagagaga.

p/s: Sorry cause I didn't make it to the gathering guys. Gomen!
p/s: Got some Photography event going on at Ipoh next weekend. Carpool anyone??

p/s: Birthday boy, Ajieb and Birthday girl, pija. SELAMAT HARI LAHIR!

Until then people ~


  1. banana boat?? u got to be kidding with me.. with u on it?? which is 45kg??!!! that is so true u'd been threw off the boat.. hahahaha!!! u should eat a lot of cheese.. which my fav!! thanks 4 the early wish.. u should give me a bday present though..

  2. lol.. smua orang terjatuh kot... apela pja mcm x pena maen lak. isk.

  3. wah..cuti² malaysia nmpk (:
    Gamelan class??
    you mean the gamelan,that traditional music instrument thingy???

  4. aah. gamelan menatang tuhla. part of Co-Q. nak x nak kena amek gak la.huhuhuhu