Wednesday, October 21, 2009

People and their problems. Mine?

Uh. Look at the bright side people, problems are created so that it can be solve. Maybe sometimes it require more time and courage than usually it consume. Seriously man, There is a way to solve your problem. Patient. Patient.

Anyway, uh I began to play Tennis. Yah. It's like playing Squash but you have more tendency to make the tennis ball flew into the swimming pool. Hahaha. Anyway, I found that the sport is something enjoying, minus all the ball-picking time.(That where all my stamina went to.)

Above: Notice the seriousness in the eyes. Grr.

Back to the topic again. Hey! People have their own problem okay. Everyone have one. Be it relationship problem, studies and such. Even me myself have my own problem, which I will never tell to anyone except to those who close to me. (Teenage problem. erk.)

Wish me luck for my Thinking skills Quiz tomorrow. Remember, intelligence people does not necessary be a good thinker. Hahaha =)

Until Then ~

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  1. hey.. heya... wow.. u play tennis?? cool!!! means u really have a strong biceps n triceps yeah,.. i played squash b4 this.. and i did'nt manage to swing the "raket" evenly.. haha.. its to heavy for me though!!!!! at the end.. i manage to pick up balls even more than i hit the ball. haha,,, lucky me huh..