Saturday, October 3, 2009

Journey to the Center of ....


Ah. The New semester has just begun. Allrity, only lecture were conducted this weekend and next one. Seriously, this too much of relaxing time does make us a little bit boring. Well, okayy. It's been a boring weekend. So me and my fellow friend took some time to visit Lumut, town near the jetty.

Well, the real plan was to go for Go-cart session at Manjong, Perak, but then it's raining cat and dog outside, resulting the go-cart venue to be closed. So much of a joy-killer. So, since we all have traveled far from the university, it such a waste of time if we were to not to have fun time. So after some so called 'brainstorming' session(?) we decided just walked near the jetty, get some fish crackers and stuff and finally went back home.

Above: Shut Closed.

How shocked to know that, lumut was a nice place to begin with. The area near the jetty, were indeed awsome! The scenery, how do i put this, remarkable. It's been a while since I saw the sea which is much cleaner than in Port Dickson.

Above: Set for sail people!

Luck me, I've manage to get my hands on some camera on the journey. Hell yes.
Some picture for you guys to enjoy :)

Above: GENG: Pengembaraan Bermula

Above: Fell down? hahahahaha ;)

Above: On Top of the World

Above: Not into pink today huh?

Above: That poor dolphin.

Above: Pole Dance? What the eff?

Even though it's raining the moment we arrived at the jetty, yet we have our time. It was seriously a tiring day. Trust me. But then I am sure we have enjoyed our self right?


So far so good. The new semester lecture was okayy despite some classes still does not catch my full attention. Nevertheless, I'll try my best for this semester. Oh btw. Mine result will be announced somewhere before 7th of October. That's when the student whom receive "dean list" will be give some token of appreciation. cross finger people.

Oh! another thing. I'll be having my foundation camp namely Found'a team which to be honest sound frickin weird, the next friday weekends. Hopefully I'll have a blast there, and hopefully some picture to post.

~Until then!~

p/s: Happy holiday to lucky people whom just got their final behind them. Enjoy! :)

p/s: Learning programming. Oh Crap!

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