Friday, October 23, 2009


Down. Something I felt after reflecting myself. To be honest, I blame myself for this problem.


You. I really miss you, really! I don't know how long this feeling going to stay, not seeing her for a long time is okay, but not talking to her? I don't think I have that kind of strength. Not in the near future. To be honest, I do, really like her. But I don't know whether she have same feeling as I am. The way she communicate with me its like, er I don't know, she think that I am annoying? Blame myself for being a coward for not telling her the real truth. Its for the best.

I know, from the physical appearance people can tell that, I am certainly not a person whom is really outgoing, in which means people person. I am definitely shy. A loser to be exact. I know that she is someone who does not want it for now, me either, but to know that my feeling is known to the other half is somewhat a relief, a medicine for the heart. I don't know how much is her feeling to me, maybe I'm just a friend whom, Uh, Never mind, I don't want to elaborate more. Perhaps she will understand.

But for now, I'll be waiting for you. I know to others this is stupid, but No, i'm not going to let it go. Period. Just stick with me on this long journey.

I felt like crying now =)

p/s: REAL sorry if I made you felt bad. Never mean to do so. I just hope you understand. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry
p/s: Vertical Horizon - Best I ever Had.

until then~


  1. gheez..
    chill buddy chill=D
    just take ur time.
    ur n0t a loser, kayyh

    luv luv~

  2. ceh....bapak jiwang weii...
    xsgke haku...huhuh....
    who's that girl,wei?
    xciter pon...smpai jiwa....

  3. omg!!! omg!!! i felt sorry for u dear.. so.. does she have any idea .. all those things is meant for her??? Omg!!!.. nazrin!! any advised to our dear fren here?? almost like made of honour movie.. except u are really the good guy... u don't want to tell her?? directly??