Friday, October 23, 2009


You. Me. Farewell.

Now you just realize it don't you? You. Everything I wrote here until now was meant for you. I know. I am a coward. Yes. I know the fact long time ago. You can hate me for that, for not telling the truth, but just because I don't want to ruin our friendship. But now I have to take this decision, to forget you(not as a friend) but the one whom I have crushed since I was in form 4. I don't blame you for it, seriously you just treat me the way a friend suppose to. It's just me, who is TOO stupid. Bodoh-How can I be soo stupid. Bodo bodo bodo!!! for placing TOOO much of a hope on something... Damn, stupid idiot feeling!

I hope we can still be friend, sharing some of the secrets together, text-ing like usuall, but for now, SORRY, I need some time to fix myself.

p/s: blame me for not telling everything to you directly, I ....I...I am sorry. I am a big LOSER after all. I would understand if you don't want to talk to me after this. I would understand even if it hurts. I'm just tired. Thats all.


  1. everything
    for a reason

    we feel hurt now
    we feel pain now


    be patient
    have patience
    be persevering
    have perseverence

    it'll dawn to us
    soon or later
    that the reason
    for the happening
    is for our good

    find strength
    in setbacks
    find time
    and rise later

    guard our solat
    remember Allah
    remember Rasulullah
    in remembrance of Him
    by solat
    by observance
    of His creations
    there will be
    inner peace

    He has already written
    since the beginning of time
    our life partner would be

    when the one
    comes along
    would click
    into place

    be patient
    be persistent
    seek His guidance
    while others are asleep
    seek His guidance
    after every meet
    after every solat
    to Him

  2. Chill bro..
    One sided love is totally painful..
    (Believe me,I've felt that also..)

    Doa byk² utk lupakan 'that girl'..
    Kalau betul² ikhlas nak lepaskan dia,
    believe me,one day you'll forget her once and for all..

    And this song I would like to dedicate to you..
    The Moffatts - Written All Over My Heart

    Don't be sad and stay healthy..
    Your studies is the most important thing
    Forget about those lovey-dovey things
    that messing your head and heart..

  3. chill lahh....
    bnde mcm tu mmg lah perit+pedih....
    kata co0l...xmacho lah kalau sedih..agagaa
    papepon...jgn tunjuk muke bnci pada ak...
    hahah..skit tol hati haku...ciss