Monday, October 12, 2009

la camp de foundateam.


Found da team

Done! No more camp for another 2 month. The review? Oh. GREAT. The camp was superbly great. Just like the camp i've had before just this time, the activities timing were a little bit loose and more relax than the one i had back at school.

To be honest, the camp rocks! I personally have a good time there. No need to think of assignment, revision or whatsoever related to study.


First day

On the first day, we have our flying fox and high element on the evening and blind walk later at night. My first time doing flying fox. GREAT stuff! love the scenery from the above, scared of height? Yess. Only for short time only though. After that everything went smoothly =)

Above: Kami dari Kumpulan Alpha =>

Second day

The day we all were busy doing activities. Whole day playing Spiderweb, crossing the river and the landmine. It was tiring though. But not for me. hehe. The strong strong one have to work extra hard to lift people up, not to mention, those heave log too. Did I mention our group have like 3 of the healthiest(not a harsh word okay) people. Okay. Only 2. Kak Jah does not count, she lost to our farina =p

Anyhow, the game was fun, especially the crossing the river game. It was really fun though. Spiderweb game suck coz i have to be the team leader which i am not so capable of doing so for now.(leading a big group which have tonnes of crazy and out loud people is not something easy you know.)

Later at night we have this like talent competition. Great! We have to do the traditional what you call, dikir barat. Yes. That stuff. First time again.

Above: Akon?



After that, we have other performance from other group. They were all great, but mine was the best of course. hahaha. Then we have the night walk. 5 kilometer walk I suppose, but, the rain in the evening cause the road to be very muddy. So we have no choice but to walk back. Tiring day for me. Those steep hill does make me tired.

Above: Us.

Another day, another story

We come to the end of our journey. Finish up couple of game then clean up for the closing ceremony. The last meal were great! Thanks people!

Ah. Thats how my weekends goes. Pretty tiring week. Luckily no assignment to do. Continue with D.o.t.a hahaha.

Until Then~


  1. aku gak kena kan~ but at least aku lepas buat suma k!!!credit to by team~ i bet my team is tuffer than yours~ hahahah~

  2. tidak. sori to say, ko x lps yg landmine tuh kn? haha. apa2 pon kteorang lagi mantop la. x caye try ar tnye smua.