Friday, October 23, 2009

thanks =(

GOODBYE YOU. Its been a great time knowing you, but now, Sorry. You does not aboard the same train as mine. It shows. I am just a friends to you.


You just don't realize it is you. That hurts even much. Even though it's hard but i will tried. Farewell you. And good luck for your result.

retiring for a while now. need some time to collect back all the pieces and put it together again.


  1. hey buddy=D

    wts the matter,
    r u ok??

    share laaa. huhu

  2. omg!!! she really dun noe huh??? it does hurt.. felt like a bow struck ur heart.. ouch!! i'm sorry to know.. i tought u r not that hurt.. me. nazrin n qayum ofcourse we'll always be by yourside!!! whenever u need any company.. we are here... +"+