Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OH Noes!

Back Home


I'm finally back to my BELOVED University approximately at 5 p.m, today. Arrived there with hope that someone can pick me up and send me to the hostel, but sadly my driver went to Ipoh Parade to enjoy themselves. Uh. It's okay. Since it has been like forever since I squeezed out my sweats out of the sweat gland, it's been a terrible experience lifting heavy luggage for more than 500 meter under the hot and dry weather of TRONTO!

After the hellish experience, finally arrived at my room. Weirdly as i'm about to take out my room key from the bag, the padlock that was suppose to keep my room closed is no longer attached to the door. Weirdly, the door is closed shut, with no way what-so-ever to open. So I went to the management office located two block next to my block, ethana(ethene). Get my key, try to open my room AGAIN, SADLY, FAIL HARD. The Key seems not right for the hole. So AGAIN, went to the office just to heard the bad news. My room has been ATTACK!

Fish! Not again, not another stealing incident. Fish! Get my new pair of keys, don't say how i felt that time. Imagine destroying the Eiffel Tower using Bionic Weapon just like in GI: Joe. Damn. I was damn Angry, pissed off, mad, you name it!

Above: What just happen?

Open the door with care, crap, the drawer of my and my roommate table was a messed. Crap!

What they called it in Malay? "Pasrah"? Damn. That was what i felt that time. Hopefully they don't take my precious speaker and other stuff. Check the locker, check my drawer, my drawer below the bed. Everything was out of place. They sure have some skills. Eh. OMG!

Above: Even the tough lock below the bed? Damn.

It's missing? What? NOO! My collection of screw driver is gone. Gone! Lucky me everything else were on place. The speaker, my friend printer that was stored in my locker, my roommate printer, calculator, diary. Huh. Lucky me. Alhamdullilah.



With the Second semester which going to start very soon, It's better to have something new for the NEW semester right? haha.

One thing for sure, after the constantly nagging of my long hair, i've decided to cut those long and thick hair. Good by my hair. Hello new one. haha
Other than that, i got myself a new external Hard disk Drive for back up and movie storing purpose.

Above: Seagate FreeAgent GO 320GB :)

Above: I'm liking em' the way they are.

Yes. A NEW shoes. A futsal shoe, jogging and casual wear. It's like killing three bird with a stone, however that works. Anyway the cost for it was worth it!

Ah, I need my sleep now. I am super duper tired, haven't slept for the last 16 hour. Not even in the ride back to UTP. Need to filled up my battery bar.


Until then PEOPLE!!