Saturday, September 26, 2009


Happy Eid Fitri AGAIN to all muslims.

Like always, my raya was usual this year, not so distinguishable from last year except for more duet raya, nagging on the looong hair, more TEXT massages and a BIG no for books. Other than that, the celebration was enlightening, tiring, colorful and very joyous.


Admit it, its not the best Raya i've ever had. Not really sure why though. Either way, lucky for my i'm going back to my BELOVED university on Monday, 28th of September, the day for Rabies or The World Rabies Day. How funny it might sound but, it's a fact though.

Ah, some picture i manage to grab from my father 1000D.

Above: Mah eyesss..

Above: Tok' Wan House. No, i'm not wearing Axiata shirt.

Above: Lovely yet Naughty little brother.

Ah, Sorry for not making much picture of myself, I was busy, 'busy' doing things like sleeping and watching movie. Well, photographer sure does not have much picture of them self right?


GodSpeed to Qayyum whom which will be flying to the land of sand and pyramid, Egypt. Sorry for not making to the airport. Some bussiness to take care. Se you again bro, I'm expecting to get some free medical check-ups soooooon :>

Above: Somehow, the two on the left have some weird relationship.


Fuhh, holiday is OVER, okayy, not entirely over, but soon will be. Can't wait for the next semester, hopefully it will be better and more enjoying than last time though.

Until Then~

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  1. selamat hari raya...maaf zahir batin...:D