Friday, September 18, 2009

Can't let this feeling end

I felt like crying now. The nostalgia music vibrating from the speaker inside the earphone to my pair of ear drums, the sweet and hard kurma I'm munching along with black and white Oreo cookies, the not so cold canned of Ice Coffee bought from Mesra shoppe. This feeling is something, something undescribeable.

Weird huh, I am. I know that fact.

90's music really hit my soft side badly. Ah. Its great to hear again those wonderful song at time when you're just this small and annoying kid who did anything but playing the whole day. Those were the moment where i don't think about studies, life not a single thing except for having fun with them friends. Remeber those idiotic games of matrix and bottle-cap futsal? Remember playing baling selipar, football and baseball together. Remember all those stupid and money wasting games of pokemon cards, tamiya and beyblade that makes everything in life looks simple. Playing police and theft around the school, battling digivice with other. Those times were indeed...nostalgic.

Indeed. Wish times were like before. Everythings looks and feel simple. No stress, no depression, no affair whatsoever.

Miss those time, really and I'm tired. Tired of everything except for canned coffee, kinder bueno and you. Yes. you.

Until then.

p/s: Michelle Branch - Everywhere <3


  1. teringat akan kate2 kawan aku dlm kelas speaking dulu..

    bile madam memberi setiap daripada kami student di kelas itu satu tajuk secara random dan berckp ringkas tentangnya.. kawan aku ini mendapat tajuk "in what age we can enjoy in our life?"

    semue org tertanya-tanya mungkinkah ketika umur 20? atau 18? atau 15? atau selepas bersara kelak?

    namun kawan aku itu memberikan jawapan.

    "the exact age we can enjoy in our life and forget all the problem, stress and depression is when we were born in this world. at that time we were the king, everyone is serving us right. they fed us, they played with us. we could do whatever we want and that was the only enjoyable moment we have.

    until we are about 6-7 years old.. we are in our own life. all the problem are ours and we will hand it alone.. and that memorable time will never be with us again.."

    macam tuh la kata2nya.. (byk aku tambah2 sendiri je) mmg agak menusuk gak ar.. haha..

  2. Aha. true. But then that has to depend on people.