Friday, September 18, 2009


Here hows the story goes.


One day, there was this teenage boy, whom was invited to a futsal game with all of his old friends from high school. He accept the invitation with joy. Okay. That was too much. Really.


Then when the day came, he met all of his high school friends. Most of them already attending college and university. They are all have grown up. This guy felt this 'weird' feeling. It seems that the guy does not know his old friends anymore. They have changed a lot. A LOT! He seems disappointed a little bit since they had less conversation with him. If there's any, its just short and simple. Huh. He felt a little bit "Inferior" through the match, not just because he wore something not appropriate to play, but because he felt like he does not playing with his friends anymore. But towards the end of the game, he felt somewhat relief.


"Wierd huh" he say.

He then continues,

" We all going to change someday. Whether is for good or the another. He doesn't care anymore. So long old friends!"


Move on from the past people.

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