Friday, November 6, 2009

Very first pointer

Well, lately I have been thinking a lot about that particular thing.


Yeah, I got my pointer already. In fact the first one. Guess what did I get? A solid four-flat? I wish! Nope! sadly I just had a so-so 3.29 which is actually good. Well, it's actually disappointing to myself but considering the time I've wasted on those semester, It was quite okayy though. Sorry about the emotional post before, I was how to put lost in balance for a while, and it seems that it's still not going away for now.

But I am sure, time heals all wound. That's what people always talk about, but does it? Hmm...
Anyway, I'll be having my mid-semester break soon. Can't wait for it though, but I probably be a bit late since I have some project namely DTE(down to earth) which I'm am thrilled to attend. It is compulsory though. Well that's all for now.

Until then ya'll!

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