Sunday, November 15, 2009

Down to Earth Programme

Hello again people! It's finally a break, mid semester break in fact. So the story this time is going to be about the so called DTE, or down to earth programme, "jatuh ke tanah" or what ever you prefer. It was held at Rumah anak yatim dan miskin Darul Hikmah, Gopeng, Perak on last Saturday. We all have finished our test by thursday, and most of the foundation students started their holiday right after the test was done. Jealous them, Really! But then, the event was so fun and exciting it make the last two day of loneliness in the campus worth the wait.

The event started just as the sun started to rise. Trust me, this is the first time in a long time that i woke up at 6. Every time before my earliest time was 7 o'clock(Subuh still valid okay.)
We all are required to meet at the V2 cafe, near the dock where the bus is waiting. Take off at 8 o'clock.

Above: Morning dew.

Above: Bus ride.

Huh. There is so much to say but then I don't have the enough time, and energy too, to write up everything here. One thing that I can conclude from this program is that, there will always be people out there that need our love and care. Never left them astray like that. As I try to remember every detail of the event by the help of the photo, this sad feeling came crawling to my heart simultaneously sending a message to my head saying "I heart them".

Let's the photo do the talking. =)

Above: The boy's dorm.

Above: The palace where the study.

Above: Facey and their kids.

Above: One big family we are ;)

Above: Those hungry faces.

Above: "them".

Above: "We heart them!"

All this photo and no photo of me in it. Why?

Above: Obviously, a photographer =)

Goodnight everyone!

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