Thursday, November 26, 2009


A long way to go.

Kidding. How am i to survived the day here alone for the rest of the 4 day? I can but, it is not worth it.

Wah. for the first time since MAS time, i have an excellent internet connection! Although it is not as fast as at home, but still plausible to used. No more internet swearing word comes out, no more banging the laptop screen for no reason at all.
anyway, people started to go away to their beloved home and hometown. It's feel lonely here in V6. Quiet. Something that rarely occurs. haha. I also will be on my way back home soon. So yeah i'm going back too.

Today class was utterly boring. Mainly because there is not much of people around, even the lecturer also felt their lecture today was boring. I know they want to go back too. Temptation :))


Oh, twilight saga : "New Moon" is out already. As expected, teenage girl go on rampage, and weirdly enough, boys too become aggressive. There was one this guy waiting in line for the movie bite another girl neck, maybe he think he is some kind of incarnation of Edward Cullen i don't know, he sure doesn't have the looks that's for sure.[click for the news]
and here something that would turn you girls off.


oh noes. Better luck next time girls, he's not straight. erk :))

I guess that's all for now people. Bye!~~


  1. oh yeke? kawan aku pon ckp tu balak dia??? pning dow, korang mmg makhluk complex. hahaha

  2. aish. aku nak 2-2 lah! muahahaha. so diorg kalau gay pn still ley bersama. hoho.


  3. eishhh... sometihng wrong ngan minded kaw kw kak jah?? haha

    Selamat hari raya juga!