Saturday, November 21, 2009

three three five.

No. It's not a number for 4D or any sort of gambling. Its not a girls phone number either, and it's not a Morse code too. You got it all wrong. Actually, that was approximately how much i've spend over the mid semester break. I seriously have a spending issue, lucky me it's not that bad like the one in the movie, "The Confession of a Shopaholic". That one is on a much higher level of shopping addict.

Let's see...hmmm. Three pair of cloth, a tennis racket, a tennis bag, 2 can of ball and that it.


That alone cost me around 160 ringgit. Wah. Now I can started to see a hole in my wallet. My ATM card in the other hand was broken into half already due to excessive spent. Ayo! pity you two.

Any way, I also bought a 2.1 system speaker( for the third time this year) and a earclip earphone( for the second time in this year :P). Anyway, those speaker and earclip are not really mine, so it does not count into the budget. But if it count that would make my total expenditure, RM 500. WOW. A one month worth of scholarship money!!

Now the money that was going for the end of the year shopping fiesta have to be cut down for this reason. demmit!!!

I've always wanted an Edifier speaker. Even buying it makes me happy :)

Anyway, I'll be going home tomorrow, insyallah. Eh. second home, second home. haishh..Better pack things up now eh??

p/s: Homework is still have a long wayy to go.Huhu

Until then people!~


  1. haha... x abes satu sem, duit scholars da abes.. membazirkan duit rakyat!

  2. nader: apa lak weh? ko ingat stiap bulan duit aku abis ker? kite kena pandai brbelanja, pandai menyimpan gak. haha

  3. whoa big spender.
    RM500 in a week?
    a LOT worse than me and i'm a shopaholic.

  4. well, thats why la. but kadang2 jer belanja besar cmtu...haha