Saturday, April 18, 2009

EDUcamp 2009 !!!


been there 13 n 14 april.well my first impression of the offer is like this

"OMG!its the freakin UTP,and its at Perak!!how the hell im going to get there OMG?!!izzit in a jungle near a waterfall???"

enuff said.i made it up lol.

0 Day

so because the registration is at 8 am,so i have 2 choice ,whether to go there at early morning or stay there one night before the me and my father took the 2nd choice lol.

We stayed at Ipoh in a hotel called Rega Lodge.never heard of it? too.but still the place was nice, i would say.have 1 night there , and the enviroment is good.fully air-conditioned with LCD Tv.*weeee*

Teh TV was awsome!

my bad,i mean bed.

Lets just cut the boring part eyh.

1st Day

arrive there (UTP) like 8.30 am , register and then we were sent to our hostel at APBM(akademi pemuda belia malasia i think.)It is 5km ride to our hostel from the university.

So we settled up for about half an hour.check in the hostel.The place was quite nice,but it have a

my bed

4 people in a room.meh

After finish settled down with our stuff,ten we went to the campus back to hear some breifing about the camp and the opening ceremony.

The main hall was awsomely built and the design is superb in my opinion.

looks like a stadium right?

deeper inside

on the right sideof the main hall.guess what is this place?

Then we went into the main hall or the auditorium to hear he opening ceremony by the PETRONAS people.yeah, it was boring as i expected.but still, i have to pretend i enjoy the speech as im in a group of top A's students lol.

the known for its boring speech.

Then register again,eat ,pray and after all that stuff we wnt back to the campus.Then we are grouped into 5 group consist of another smaller 5 group.yeah.Then we have a look inside the campus.

I would say,i am impressed by the facilities there.after finished touring the campus,we have alittle bit of a discussion and an ice breaking session

mr.Ridhwan ( i think) explaining something.

Its the freakin Library!those are stacked of books !

Just before 6 o'clock we went back to our hostel.Later at night,we have to take some test.We have a personality test and a math/science test.OMG!why people never tell me there is a test like this?i think ive done really really bad in the math/science test lol.

yar la,who want to study during this break season lol?

Heading to the test centre.

We finished the test at 11 o'clock.ride a bus back to our hostel.Arrived at the hostel and we are about to be suprised.

Suprise! its a BLACKOUT!

yay!i mean oh noes!we have our interview session tomorrow dammit!we have to have a good night sleep.hahaha.

no choice then,we have to sleep in a darkness with mosquitoes and the heat! i cant sleep well that night lol.its really hot there!

3 o'clock and the power is back on.ah relieves!switch off the light and continue my sleep silently.

what i manage to took with my phone camera.

2nd Day

Morning came and i still cant get enough of it or not,have to go to do our test.(i got the interview in the evening,test at the morning).

so we have to do critical reasoning,IQ and english test that morning and interview later in the evening.It was tiring like hell!

but luckily my interview session turn out well(my first interview yay!).eventhough the disscussion part was totally rubbish,but i think i did well enough.

Where the interview take place!

With relieve we went back to our , the camp was was a fun ride,but like always,fun time is usually short.suck time is always looong.hahaha.

i can only describe the camp by one word.NERD!

hahahaha.its full of nerd people.not that i say it is bad thing or something,it just nerd.but still,they are top A student right?hahahaha.maybe they should called this NERDcamp.just kidding!but hey that doesnt mean im a nerd okay!im just happy that all!

Well, i think thats all i can recall back was fun!

until then~


  1. yuhu.. dear hanif.. is it a nerd camp?? hah really??/
    But u know what.. the library is totally anourmous!!!!! i wish i could see it with my own eyes!!! wah.. u are very lucky!! u get mara n utp interviews..
    so.. i guess.. after the 2 years hard work.. its all paid off huh..
    I'm happy for u!!!

    what else.. oh yeah.. I forgot u didnt snap ur own pix.. i wonder how would u look like.. haha..
    sure skinny as ussual.. no offence..

    u have ur own camera??/

    so when the results came out?? soon??

  2. lol.byk soalan.lul

    got my own cam,but no time to snap myself pic.haha.

    result on early mei lol.

  3. ur just finish spm is it...? well, i just got an offered to go for PETRONAS EDUCAMP...and im so scared...i means i read alot of other people comments and was fun but then it was did u get a place at UTP??? hey maybe u can contact me at my email