Friday, April 10, 2009

frust is a must

hello everyone.

Its 10 april today .


To be honest,i really dont feeling like updating blog this time around.why you ask?
well,ive been busy lately with stuff,especially when my scholarship intervew is around the corner.

started this morning quite early,just to give my dad a photostate copy of my IC/birth certificate to get 'approval' cop(did i spell zis right?) from his friend..

later on walk to school to 'cop' more of photocopy stuff.yeah.i have to walk there.damn,i should be learning to driving

So i meet ridhwan n muiz a bit.nothing much happen lol.

justJust before heading back,we(me and wan) went to geylang cafe(thats sound really odd.) near the USJ 9 mosque..ha ha ha.met zafrin and hazim there,working as a waiter.(waiter jer korang nih?x de keje laen ker?ha ha ha)



LOL .f.y.i , ill be attending the EDUcamp programme at UTP perak this monday and tuesday(13&14 April).

i found this programme to be a pain the the ass and a good practice since, well i have another interview this thursday for PILN by MARA.....

one tihng that i dont like about scholarship is that,you actually have to work really hard to win the interview.isnt studying not enough???(im dying last year just to get good grades in SPM).

Anyway,here some picture i manage to stole from Flickr.huh.will post actual photo when im at the camp =D

err.i dun know where is this

not this either.

Will updating soon.just when i finish both interview and IF i still have some remnant of pride left.arghhh.


hah.just notice something new?
feel free to comment lol.sadly this new skin cover all those widget stuff.sorry about the shoutbox lol.will fix it later =D

Until Then ~

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