Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life is funyy.

Life is funny.funny as watching spongebob,or even better,elmo's world.

anyway,really, i just thought that life is funny.funny or humour is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusment .that sound nerd huh?well its from wikichan anyway(what do you expect?)

6 month ago, i suppose to read books a lot,not to mention consume a lot of caffiene.but now,look at me,well you cant really see me now, but im blogging right now.ha ha.thats not something i be willing to do in my free time last year ,even if im being payed with.

im really is becoming what people called a fat(nahh)couch potato, for the past 4 month.really.except im not a potato,and fat.but i like to be a carrot.normal size carrot please~

i hardly going out,socializing with friends,waste my time doing stupid thigs like i used to before.i just missed those time really.when friends are all around you.everyday.but now,nahh you have to find friends yourself.and i felt like i have lost a lot of friends already.(social people would probably not related to this.)i blame myself for this,but still what do you expect from me huh?a quiet boy.

i really dont mind hanging out at night at mamak stall,but i cannot stand the fact that they are taking shisha or other stupid stuff .and its crap if you hangout with them without taking shisha(because that what they will be doing everytime they hangout!!).shisha does smells nice ,yes i have to agree,but still it is much dangerous than about that,smoking is i hate the smells of smoke.

anyway,back to the topic.i had it.yup.i want a new life.and the opportunity will come soon enouh(hopefully).fyi , i screw up most of the basically i really need this.dont worry, i wont do stupid things by cutting my finger and let the blood flows until myself dries out or even watching boring movie until i die of boredem.

I just want a new a new enviroment.thats please god,make time faster so that i can continue life in a new level.

Its funny how this comes out from my mouth.well basically from my mind to my fingers.but is funny.and its funny for myself to wrote this up.its funny for you people to read,funny for myslef to post ;D

Until then~

and btw , sorry if i offended anyone.i meant to=D


  1. hey..hey.. yeah i wish you have a carrot size body figure.. coz u so skinny!!! like a walking skeleton!! sorry.. no offence..
    well.. i suppose life is funny?? nahh.. its more to say life is like a ferris whell.. it is right..
    Just think about it, currently u fell so bored and?? lost so many great friends..But last years.. u felt i need books not socializing...
    Do u get my point is??
    Well.. what can i say.. life is full of mysterrious thigs to tell...

  2. i dont get ur point.but still,life is funyy