Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad hair day


guess what?i did a hair cut today after long streaks of 3 month without not cut what-so-ever.its messy and undoublty tebal(you know what i mean) And the best thing is that i look,really really know like smigull(or whatever you call that small cute alien from LOTR)

You guys get me more hairer(in other word,got more hair on my head) than this unlucky movie prop.

Im really pissed of now.really!!

i mean, i just want my hair to get short or in b.malaysia 'pendek' not like a penkek lol? now im having this feeling of regret for letting that barber cut my 'nice'


hopefully,my hair wont be the reason i didnt get my scholarship lol.
oh about the scholarship,i just finished 70% of my essay for MARA interview..yes!yes!yes!

so im gonna go perak tomorrow,stay there a night before went to the EDUcamp thats all for now.not sure i can blog 'live' there ,but ill try my best to update this blog after these long week


thanks izzatul for the blog post lol.(boleh pulak save converation

until then~


  1. Haha, speaking of gunting rambot, aku rse aku x gunting rambot nk dekat 5 bln dahh...


  2. ha hah ha.lps nih aku x kan ptg rmbt dah.mgkin klu ada yg pntg jer ptg blik.tpi skit jer la