Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is SIZE relly matter?i mean really? hah!

i ve been eagerly to write this since einstein discover anything that he discover.i just dont have time to put this up,well not really.i just hate writing!! thats it.

anyway,does size really matter?i know im super skinny,well people love to be skinny especially girls(i think) but seriously? a guy? you know what, i think there is no guy(me) in the world that think skinny is a good thing to say to them,well at least not to gay people(happy people).you know,like when a girl are called by another girl as 'fattie' or 'fatts' and even 'patties'.hah.

screw the last one, i just made that up from spongebob.

btw,do you ever had enough of people saying

"hey!youre skinny,eat more!"

"eat a lot.you look like zombie"

"you look handsome today."

yerr.enough.i had it.especially the last one.ha ha.
granpa,granma,mom,dad,sister,friends,and you ,please dont ask me to eat more.i know well and im trying okay. yerr.you heard that right.

im fatting myself up with peanut butter and milk and chicken breast.thats heaven for protien there people.gosh! dont ask me how it feels okay.you might throw out if u are happen to drink some milk right now.and if you are lucky enough.

haha.i did make CRAP entry at time like this.
anyway,watch the UNINVITED today.hah!
never though ill watch any scaryyy movie in the theater.it was fun really,until my drink was finished by the 'uninvited' one.haha. today was odd(not gonna tell you why) and its a new experience i think(never watch scary movie before in the theater.i dont like suspense much btw)

~oh my friends~

anyway,thats all the crap i can make today.going sleep now
.and yea got milk?hahaha.oh crap~
(thez imagez haz nothingz toz doz withz whatsz inz yourz mindz.)

until then~


  1. kau kurang makan.. makan byk2 skeyt.. wakakakaka..

  2. cis.takpe ko.ckp la apa ko nak >=(

  3. hey.. i'm sorry to make u feel bad... really.. coz i don't have a psychic power!! n 1 more.. who u calling uninvited huh!!! fyi i didn't finished it.. nazrin did.. i think..
    don't worry u have my support!! go make a lots of fats...