Friday, April 24, 2009


Transform people.its coming soon!

Yay i started my 8 hour driving class today,and it was AWSOME!really!

now i think i can drive a little bit but still need some guidance from MASTER or in other word experienced people.


and i have new fav indon TV sound lame but the show is called Upik Abu n

Boring life is boring.i have totally nothing to do in the evening besides watching wonderpets,El Tigre and other crap cartoon which have been repeatedly played over and over and over again! better watch something new la~

tv3, mon-thu 3p.m

The story was okay IMO,but the actor were good.especially pfft.and irwanshah.

16 years old laura.

Movies Marathon

Anyway,this month is movie month hell yeah.well,more like next month la.with terminator salvation,transformer:revenge of the fallen,x-men origin:wolveriene and17 again going to be on theater on may,im seroisly have to go on a movie marathon,well before going to uni/college of course.

grrr. this not for girl okayy

for girls and fangirls are not allowed please!

who want to join me please text me that i will not be called as sombong or what ever .(thats got nothing to do with 10 A's okayy!!)

well,thats all for to go.

until then~


  1. hey, when u wrote thats got nothing to do with 10a's, and and i got that often too, its like, tak nak ah lepak dgn bdk pandai, or ye la, tahu la pandai, sombong dah skrg. -___-, that was tiring kan.

  2. +1

    yup.tiring.and troublesome too.damn

  3. haha.. no kidding u watch wonderpet!! me 2!!! i freakin love upik abu n lara!!! yeah she is.. a real actor.. n the way she pronouns the word is so funny!!