Sunday, February 12, 2012


This morning is a clear example of how strong the mind of a runner need to be. and the story goes like this.

I was waking up like usual, just before 7 in the morning. After done with all the usual routine, had my breakfast while bragging about a loud neighbor, one block away which i guess have too much to drink. As i was eating my lovely oat sugar raisin meal, they still kept going with the aweful singing. Maybe it's the song. I don't know. But that aint the real story.

So after done with breakfast and some minor assignment, here i am sitting infront of the laptop. Wondering what could i do today that will make today productive. and after a while i decided to get down on the track. Despite it's already half past 8. and mind you, at this time, the sun is blazing hot and not really a good time to run if you wanted to ruin your skin fairness.

but i didn't think much. Straight away i get my jogging shoes, take my mp3 player and my phone, do some warm up and head down. and this is the part when i say you need a strong mind. Just few minutes after starting my jog, after passing v4 cafe, suddenly i felt tired. I felt lazy. and this just not any kind of lazy. Like really lazy. Usually if i managed to get down on the road, i won't look back and just run. But this time it's different. Maybe because i felt a little pain on my knee. Probably a bad warm up.

So i decided to get back. With just less than 5 minutes, i get back to my room, clocking just about 0.5km in distance.

and that's how the story goes. But atleast now after that short exercise, i felt fresher and after done with shower im gonna finish up my assignment and play pokemon all day. haha

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