Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(Challenges: Life) room for improvement

Hey all, Sorry for being a little lazy to update this blog. I have been quite busy these day with my robocon competition getting nearer with approximately 19 days left to prepare. And 2 day back i just got back from a fishing trip at Kelong in Lumut. Going to talk about that later(haven't retrieve the photo yet.)

So, if you knew i already move on. I'm no longer staying at the hot and dry village 1 but rather cool and environment friendly v5. My room is located in v5c just beside the futsal court at v5.

From Save the Internet , Save the world


very spacious work place.

So how does it feels? Other that it is located at the highest floor, and the room space is a little cramped compared to v1 and more compared to v6. Other than that, everything is fine. The room as you can see from the photo are nicely designed and arranged. The table are very wide, which means i can have my laptop near but at the same time i can do my homework on the same table. without scarifying much space.

From Save the Internet , Save the world

Since it is a house consist of 6 rooms, it also have a 2 bathroom and 2 toilet, and also a kitchen. Damn right. Now i can enjoy my maggi more. hehe.

So there you go, my new room for improvement. Hopefully being a Second year student officially, i can improve my life and more importantly my challenges. Happy studying!

p/s: going to give the full house coverage later on. The first two week of a semester is killing me.

p/s: In memory.

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