Monday, May 16, 2011

(Challenges: Running) Old buddy.

Today was his last day, his last day as a company to me, it's not like he will be thrown away, no.(Who would do such cruel thing? :< ) But the last day as my primary runner shoes.

So may i present to you, this tiny little bastard.

From F/2.8

From F/2.8

You have been serving for quite a time now, a year? i think so, although i can't seem to find any early photo of you :(

And how, thanks, thanks for all this morning and evening run, thanks for being there when i run, when i need a peace of mind and a healthy body. Thank you, truly.

One thing to dislike though, the sole of the shoes does wear out fast, well what do you expect from a mere RM50 shoes eh, but that will likely happen to all shoes though, all of it will wear out, what make them different is how long they will last, and this POWER shoes of mine has serve me for quite amount of time. And since now i'm getting a little more serious on running, i think might as well get a new piece of shoes :)

Goodbye buddy.

p/s: Back on campus.

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