Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Exam weeks are really tiring. With 3 papers in a row, that's suck.

But during these times, i have think a lot. Think about what i want to do, what i suppose to do, what i can do in this life.

I found this very inspiring jogger(visit) whom make a journey video of her, preparing for marathon and i was soo touch by it. I mean really. I thanks to her, i have think a lot about what i want to do.

So, i will make a BIGGG section up there later on when this exams is all over, to show my challenge and with that i think i can update more about my challenge rather than updating about emotional stuff. But that's the purpose of blogging anyway.

So for now here it goes, My Challenges.

1. Run a full road track inside UTP continously.(and also calculate how many km is that, probably about 7km or so.)

2. play a complete song on a piano and play it infront of audience.

3. make a video-blog-kinda-things about me babbling about life.

To be honest, i'm pretty excited. InsyaAllah, let's make these dreams come true.


  1. looking forward to hear the song:)))))

  2. haha. but first kena ada instrument dlu laa. haha