Friday, August 10, 2012

Silver lining.

What a tiring day is today. Didn't managed to break fast on time because fall asleep right after closing ceremony ended.


Alhamdulillah, SEDEX 30 already end by the closing ceremony this evening. and guess what? My team managed to secure a silver medal!!!! It wasn't in my expectation to receive any medal since we are competing with far more superior projects which truly is magnificent in term of innovation. Now i know, each and every participant(group) that are chosen from ETP will have medal. But the result from the judge will determine whether it's Gold, Silver or Bronze medal you'll take home.

 presenting the project to one of my favorite lecturer, Dr. Aklilu Tesfamicheal
(Thermodynamics I & II) - photo by Ariff

The humble prototype which already non functional. lol - photo by Ariff

Although i target gold medal earlier in the semester, i'm already satisfy even with this Silver medal. At least we can give something to our supervisor, Ir. Idris for all his help and guidance. (and maybe this will help in getting good placement for internship maybe? hehe)

Special thanks to all the member of Group 47, Fong, Aida, Mien, Hariz and Khaled for all your effort and time in making this project a success, as a team.


On the side note, im glad that you decided to write again Izzatul.( wanted to comment on the blog, but cannot find any button for comment -.-) May you find what you're looking for.

p/s: will upload more photo. Soon.

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  1. waaaaa, nice.. congrats!!!! silver medal is more than enough lah hanifff. hehehe:)

    congrats again heeee.

    neways, hmm kinda missed chatting w u, haha