Monday, August 6, 2012

Difficult part of growing up.

We all grow up at some point of our life.

This already my third year studying for my degree. At this certain point it seems that the joy and fun of being a teenager is slowly to decrease. Bit by bit. Swallows by the burden of pile of assignment and projects that are needed to be completed in short amount of time. At some point we stop having fun together.

This semester alone, i've only went for a movie outing only once. The most is twice. Not more than that. When we were on our first year, going out to Ipoh is like a weekend must-do list. Now it's difficult. It's troublesome. We are all busy. Too busy i think.


We'll today is Nuzul Quran and an official holiday here in UTP. This morning i took a stroll around the campus. It was nice, the weather. It's a typical Monday morning where the sun is up, yet the atmosphere felt so cold down to the bone. Luckily i managed to strap on my favorite Giordano sweater before heading out.

The campus is truly beautiful. But after some time, we all lose that sight toward our campus. Only the negative thing about the campus came out. The politics. The bad people in the society. and so on. Oh how i wish to go back to the simpler version of life, 3 years ago.

3 years ago when we are still teenager who will just go with it.

Just Go With It.

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