Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's kind of a funny story.

I just done watching this movie, despite having a test tomorrow evening. But luckily I've prepared early. So i give myself a little leisure time while others is having difficult time fighting their laziness just to finish reading notes that are coming out  for the test tomorrow.

Anyway, the title is It's Kind of A Funny Story, out in 2010. Yeah i know it's already 2 years since it came out, but maybe because the story isn't really what i was always looking for.(I'm always looking for action and depressed sad love story btw)

And to sum up, it's a story of a teenage boy, struggle with his life of teenager, you know, crap like love, college entry, future jobs and also peer pressure. And this boy, volunteered  into a Mentally-ill ward. Along with many other nut-head that are stuck in there. And from there he learn how to stand up again, to face the world.

I tell you, it's a good movie. Especially for adolescent. and there's the super lovely Emma Roberts too :3

Yeah, definitely have to check it out.

and here's some of my personal favorite piece of OST from the movie. Enjoy.

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