Monday, August 27, 2012

feels like...

Hi, hope you guys been in a pink of health this festive season.


Despite having the "time of my life" now, studying for my final, i was a little heart break just now. and why is that. Well, here's the story.

My day started as early as 5 a.m. in the morning.

Today is gonna be my first day of puasa 6, so  need to take my sahur so that i can have enough energy to study all day long. and not until 8.30 a.m that i went to IRC(library) to do my revision for the final exam. But along the way, i got caught with the project report that i have to submit, just 30 minutes after i get to the library. So because i'm a good leader :p i took the responsibility and finished compiling, binding and sending the report to our supervisor. By the time i got back, it was already 11a.m. and i've only done 30 minutes worth of revision.

So i get to my favorite spot near the end of the left side, 2 floor above the security counter. and i spend about 3 more hours until about 2.30 p.m and then i decided to leave since i'm tired and it's prove to be useless to stayed any longer. and the rest is history. Games, movies, and then breaking fast and so on.

So what's the problem?

If you notice, out of the 12 hours that i had, from 6 a.m up to 6 p.m, i've only dedicated only 4 hours for studying. and the rest of the 8 hours??? Gone? It's like it disappear, just like that. Like a wind. With no traces of memory, no traces of action that i can recall of. None of the matters.

It's like i really wasted a lot of time today.

and that's making me feel bad :(

but spending quality time writing this somewhat make me a little relief. Now that i know my mistake, tomorrow going to be a loooooong day for me. and InsyaAllah, i'll use up all the time i had to do revision.

Sa yo na ra.

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