Sunday, August 26, 2012

Real definition of Hari Raya

It's not to late to wish a Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of you that despite having a time of your life, stuffing you face with kueh raya, rendang and what not.

So, hows Raya?

Mine was great. I've celebrate 1st of Syawal at my father hometown, all the way at the east of Malaysia at Jertih, Terengganu. Haven't got so many photo's that i take by myself, but don't worry, ill try to upload them later on :)

As for raya, this year a few thing catches my attention.

Oh my English!

Yea i know the show is lame, but each time the kids open the tv for the show, i just can't get my eyes out of the way. Something about the show that is interesting, stupid and entertaining at the same time. and yes, it is quite educational. I've learn something watching this show. and the song by Liyana Jasmay is quite cute too (:

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Kee-way RKV 200

I think it's already time for me to actually own a vehicle for myself. I've waited so long, then the desire is lost. Then i found it again, then lost again. Maybe due to the fact that buying a vehicle is a serious thing to do and yesss, it involve a lot of monehhhh, which obviously im short off.

and because the price of this little bastard is way cheaper than the likes of Yamaha and Kawasaki, it managed to get on the list. But since it's new and not yet out in the market at the mean time, i should just laid back, relax and wait for people to review it. and money didn't just fall of from the sky. lol.

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Final Exam


My final exam will start on 1st of September and ends at 7th of September * shoots *  So i am now in a serious phase of focusing on the final exam papers, all 4 of them. And i have about 6 days to cover a whole semester worth of  material and Alhamdulillah, all the required preparation has been done. (hope so) Neeewayyy, wish me best of luck for this final. Although this is the last hope of securing a great CGPA for my internship application, i didn't hope much. But of course i'll do my best to get atleast more than 3.00!!!

So that's it for now. I might be still active blogging these few days, but hopefully i'll spend more time writing note than a post. hahaha.

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