Friday, September 23, 2011

keep on track

Although my dream of getting a GPS watch still appear to be a dream, today, finally, i managed to keep track of my workout using GPS from my Xperia Play and a free apps called Endomondo. Although the app sounds like a mouse, nevertheless it's a great apps.

You can practically use it with any android phone that support GPS. It is a great tool to store your run and even calculate the distance traveled. But when i try it this evening, i can see that the GPS might lost connection for a while, making it looks like i'm running straight but in reality, i did a big curve.

Here's my first ever record on a GPS map :D

And the best thing is, you can share it with you friends in Facebook too. Really recommend this apps as it is free(lite version) and full of goodness.

Now that i have a device to track my run, i just can't wait to fulfill my challenges of tracking my runs all over UTP. Teheee :

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