Saturday, September 17, 2011

2nd 1st

Alhamdulillah, i've managed to end my first semester of second year. The result are not in yet, but technically, the semester is done. Fin.

There has been a lot of things that happen this semester. Some were good, some were bad? and some were just speechless. But nevertheless, each and every experience is something precious as it is the memory that's left by time. The time won't go back, but the memory will.

Starting the semester.

I think it began with me, along with other clique moving in into our new house in V5. It was about time for us to finally move from v1 and unfortunately and fortunately, we've got the house at the highest floor. Good for sightseeing in the morning, bad for moving in. Unless they prepare a lift or something, that would be great.

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The first night.

During early of the semester, i've been really busy with Robocon. The competition is just around the corner that time. and that result in distraction to myself. I, like always, never good with starting a semester. You know, arranging the schedule, choosing which group to get it, racing to get the best time for tutorials and such. It's sucks. Why can't they make everything online now?
Robocon 2011

The competition was held at Stadium Tertutup Nilai on early June. After almost a year or so worth of preparation and sacrifice, We're heading to the Malaysia-level Robocon Competition.

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Me, cleaning the caster wheel before the game.

One week we're camping at Nilai but that doesn't mean all fun. It was work 24/7 with leaving us only small window for our sleep. But Alhamdulillah, all that hardship was paid when we've become second runner up of Robocon 2011.

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Teheee :)

Moving on

One week of holiday means, we have to catch a lot of stuff. I still being lazy ol me, still configuring things out but sadly i didn't make it. So i did terrible on some of the test paper. Only Gods know how terrible i felt that time.


Well, at some part of our lives, we fall in love. and i do. Again. Well, more like the flame reignite itself back. But as thing goes by, it doesn't turn out the way i thought it would be. It was indeed a very rough time, but Alhamdulillah, i think i manage it somehow.


To be honest, there aren't that much of event that happening this semester to be frank. After robocon ended, i just like retired. Become a lazy bum that seldom cut classes early in the morning, and sometimes, the evening class too. But that is the right choice, since i kinda messed up a little after robocon with studies and such.

And there is the finals. Wait, there is Raya before that. My finals begin about a week after Raya, and it was hellish. With 4 paper directly, not to mention those papers are killer paper. Especially Thermodynamics paper. After the exam ends, i felt like i'm going to fail the paper miserably considering the amount of holes i left in the paper. But hopefully, i pray to God that i'll pass the paper.

From August 24, 2011

Raya celebration photo, taken before Raya.


Ah. Enjoying the break, although not going to be that long(i have matter to attend these holiday, so it won't be a full 4 month break.)

Despite the rough path, i believe everything that happen is for a reason. To make us stronger, to make us happier, to make us find our right path. And that is why i'm documenting these 'journal' so it can be a memory, something that i can enjoy in the future.

Peace out :D

p/s: There are tons of great story that happen during last semester but i'm to lazy to write everything. Biane. Just look up the archieve to read more eyh?

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