Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ah, life as a student is over. Atleast for now that is.

Already done with final exam and i'm on my way for the long awaited 4 month holiday :D

Just a little bit tired from a long outing to Ipoh ever since this evening. Alhamdulillah this time around, we managed to make another bowling tournament, although despite the participant this time compared to last time wasn't that much, but frankly you all have my gratitude. You all sacrifice some time to enjoy ourself the last time before each and every one of us departing to our own destination.

And i had fun tonight. The moment felt so good. We laugh, we tease, we joke. Despite only talking to each other occasionally, tonight we laughed together, play out together. And it was great.

Thanks all for coming, either to participate or just to support. It meant so much to me :)

p/s: For those that miss out this semester session, bad for you, you miss one hell of a party.

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