Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Energy drink review

Energy drink. A lovely companion when you are in need of some extra energy to get through the night regardless work, study or anything else.

I've been drinking a lot. I mean "everyday" a lot of energy drink. Especially when i'm preparing for exam. For starters, i drank a cup of coffee everyday (almost) everyday of my form 5 years. Just to stay up until 3 in the morning.

So, this is my review of most common energy drink i used to drink.


(p/s: it looks like this. i can't find the photo anywhere :/ )

Do not pour into a cup because it looks like your youknowwhat. It taste sour, and that taste remain for quite a while. So sip it from time to time. Best enjoyed chilled. When it is at normal temperature, it taste different.

Livita with honey

To be frank, i dislike this drink. I only drink these if there were not other option left. The taste wasn't that bad, but the after effect of the drink that makes me hate it. It kinda left your tongue to be all dry up, probably due to the high sugar content? maybe.

Nescafe Latte

This is my favorite drink. Or better known as coffee milk. If you come to my room during exam period or study week period, you'll notice these can lying around at the table if not at the dustbin. Just think it as a light coke, it wasn't that 'thick' compared to the nescafe original or mocha.

Redbull white?(i don't really know what its called)

This taste a little different that it's counter part the original. The price sure is too. About 5 ringgit, i think it's the most expensive one. But maybe because it contain more? The taste as i said earlier, is different. It tasted like 100plus or Revive isotonic. It doens't leave much of a sourness. You only get it in an instant. And then pufff, all gone.

This review might be laughable, i don't care. I'm bored :<

p/s: anyone know where to get Monster energy drink in Malaysia? I would really love to taste those...


  1. haha ! haritu for the sake of staying up, i try beli a can of red bull yang tin biru tu. then my friend was like, "jangan minum selalu, got high sugar content". and i was like, okay, tak nak minum dah lepas ni -_-"

    all & all, energy drinks & coffee doesn't really work on me. i'm still sleepy. HAHA ! been looking for other options, hmm.

  2. yup, high sugar content tulah stimulant untuk berjaga. hehe. maybe lain orang lain caranya kot.

  3. haha nescafe, me likeeyyyyyy. DULU LAAA


  4. headache ohhhhh:(( soo susa la nak stayupppp,. hehhh

  5. owhh, takpela cmtu. health comes first kn?